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25 October 2011

Trophèe Virginio Bruni 2012 - Le Lavandou - France

Dear friends of Vaurien Class,

After the first edition in April 2011, it seems that this regatta received a nice feeling of all sailors.

And it was the same for my sailing club which was very happy to (re)discover the nice comportment of Vaurien Fleet.

So decision has been taken to occur again the event in 2012.

I remind that the date will be during Easter weekend, the 7-8-9th of April. Location is at Club Nautique de la Baie de Cavalière – Le Lavandou, French south coast (not far from Saint-Tropez).

But first of all, I think that most important think for all of us is to be sure that we will be able to present the best fleet we can. Travel will be long for everybody, so it is important to guaranty a maximum of pleasure.

Best for us will be to have for the end of November a first feedback from all national association to know if each national calendars can be managed with this constrain and what could be the number of boat expected.

As soon as possible, I will send you some news about the regatta: website update, photos, program, etc…

And in case of question, do not hesitate to ask me.

I which everybody nice end of 2011 on Vaurien and expect a lot of good things for next year.

As we say : “Vive le Vaurien”

Alexandre Appert

ASV France

13 October 2011

CIV Winter meeting 2011

Dear friends,

the winter meeting of the International Vaurien Class Association will take place in Paris
on 3th-4th December 3rd and 4th.

Official invitations and the agenda will be sent to the National Class Associations a.s.a.p.

Please inform Diana Botti if you plan to participate.