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20 December 2012

Welcome, Mr. President.

The International Vaurien Class Association has a new president. Long-time Vaurien sailor Maurizio Raffaelli from Italy was elected during the CIV winter meeting in Paris.

26 September 2012

CIV winter meeting 2012

Dear firends,

after consulting with Florence Herbulot, I inform all of you that the 2012 winter
meeting will be held on 8th and 9th december, at Madame Herbulot as usual. An
official call will follow.

You are all invited to submit, as soon as possible, your proposals for the
Technical Committee Agenda and for the CIV General Assembly Agenda. Above all,
you are all warmly invited to come personally to Paris, please do all your best
to come because the next one will be a crucial meeting for the Vaurien future:
you already knew that a lot of officers were to be renewed this year, but the
sudden loss of Gianpiero let us without his precious advices, his experience and
his projects, so it is very important to raise the widest participation to the
next meeting and to the next elections in order to share this delicate transition
all together.

Hoping to see you all in Paris.

Maurizio Raffaelli

20 August 2012

Sad news

Dear Vaurien friends,

I am very sad to inform you that Gianpiero Saggini, our estimated International President and beloved friend, suddenly died on Saturday morning, Aug-18-2012.

It is not rhetoric to say that his entire life evidences that love, belief and enthusiasm may overcome any kind of difficulties. At least, within human possibilities. Let's remember how he succeeded in managing an intense and meaningful  life in spite of hard health problems. Nearer to us, let's remember how he succeeded in rescuing Vaurien from the deep crisis of recent years.

He never practiced hopelessness, even if he probably faced it, like all human beings. He will remain an example to us all.

With sorrow,

Maurizio Raffaelli

13 August 2012

Former Vaurien sailors win gold medal

Tamara Echegoyen, with her crew of Sofia Toro and Angela Pumariega, has won gold medal in match racing at London Olympics !!!!!
Tamara raced many years on Vaurien winning feminine world championships in 2001, 2002 and 2005.

24 July 2012

Laminate mainsail trials

For the future developement of the class, the International Vaurien Class Association is testing a mainsail from mylar laminate. More information and a questionaire to give your opinion can be found here.

Leiros brother claim World Championship

Finally they made it. They almost made it in 2009, but suffering a DSQ in the last race, they were 2nd in 2010 ... but finally, with an almost flawless performance, the 2012 Vaurien World Championship goes to Jaime and Alfonso Leiros from Spain. With only one race win, but a strong collection of six 2nds, they secured the Championship even before the last race was cancelled due to lack of wind.

The Dutch strong wind specialists Roelof and Jelmer Kuipers made a strong start, collecting three out of three bullets in the stormy conditions of the first day, which saw many of the fleet struggeling, with many capsizes and breakages. But with the wind decreasing on the next days, the had to concede with second overall.
Long-time Vaurienists and former World Champions (1999, 2000, 2007) Javier Serano and Rosa Foruria (ESP) bringing up the third.

The Vaurien Junior Wolrd Championship was won by the 2010 World Champions Olmo Cerri and Eduardo Meini (ITA) for a 4th (and last) time in a row, followed by fellow Italians Ettore Botticini and Sebastiano Stipa and the Dutch team of Jelmer Yntema and Jorrit Bonnema.

As last year, the women competition was won by Lucia Llopiz Dominguez and Laura Llopiz Castedo, while the masters title (Total age >65, Helm > 40 , Crew > 19) was won by Francesco Zampacavallio / Frabrizi.

The overall results can be found here.

Again, many pictures were taken by Jaap Röfekamp, who is turning into something like an official photographer.

Thanks to AS Vaurien France for the organization of this World Championship, and see you next year in Sanxenxo, Spain.

12 July 2012

Vaurien World Championship 2012

The countdown is on, only two more days until the 51st Vaurien World Championship starts in Douarnenez, France. 66 teams, mostly from Europe, with exotics from Uruguay (URU) and Netherlands Antilles (AHO) have signed up for the World Championship, that also marks the 60th anniversary of the Class.

Reigning world champions Miroslav and Maros Baran (SVK) are returning to defend their title, won last year at Lake Dümmer, Germany. Their predecessors Olmo Cerri and Edoardo Meini (ITA) will are prepared to give a good fight, preferring to sail on the sea as opposed to the lakes, that hosted the last two World Championships.

Also several young Dutch teams are on site in Douarnenez since last week, and will try to get a shot at at least the Junior World Championship.

Full details can be found on the event website.

18 June 2012

Class Rules Update

The International Sailing Federation has approved the most recent updates of the Vaurien Class Rules. Among several editorial corrections, two significant changes were made. First, the jib may have two windows, without changing the total window area, so that jibs with many radial panels still allow sufficient visibility. Second, and more important, as of 2012, hulls, rudders and centreboards may be built using epoxy resin. This should lead to stronger and more durable equipment, while the increase in cost is expected to be small.

The changes are summarized here.
The most recent version of the Class Rules can be found here.

26 April 2012

Europa Cup Rules Updated

The Rules governing the Europa Cup Ranking have been updated.

Each nation now is entitled to two Europa Cup events, where the Open National  Championship is one of these. Special Europa Cup events may be added by the CIV.

The most up-to-date calendar including all EC events can be found here.

Also the scoring has been updated and simplified. For the EC ranking, each boat shall be awarded 1000 x (number of event participants - place) points, while the last boat gets 1 point. A maximum of four EC races shall be scored for the overall ranking.

The full rules text can be found here.

03 February 2012

New Belgian Website

AS Vaurien Belgium has started a new website (in french!): www.vaurienbelgium.be

05 January 2012

2012 World Championship in Douarnenez - France

The 51st Vaurien World Championship will be held in Dournanez in France from July 14 - July 21.

The Notice of Race can be found here.

Additional information about the organization and accomodations can be found on the official event website.

The ASV France President stresses the importance to book accommodation well in advance because there are many important events taking place in the area at the same date.

01 January 2012

Rectification of the October 2011 issue of the italian magazine “Bolina”

2011 CIV Winter Meeting, Paris, Sunday the 4th of December 2011

The International Vaurien Class Association (CIV) intends to rectify what was mistakenly published on the october 2011 issue of the Italian magazine “Bolina”.
With regards to the changes in the sailplan, the CIV put right that the current sailplan is the result of the team working of many passionate class members and from all of the Asvauriens, either with practical work or suggestions or comments. The change in the sailplan was introduced, in 1996, from CIV as a necessary and natural upgrade of the Vaurien to have a faster and more performant dinghy compared to other dinghies to seduce more people and particularly the youngs. Already back in the ‘70s the first attempts had been done with a Genova-like jib and a bigger main (Elvströem sailmaker, Cannes) to prove that the boat had the chance to allow an enhanced sail area. At that time, most of the Asvauriens were not yet convinced on the need to follow the evolution of sailing technic and spirit. In the early ‘90s the Technical committee (TC) obtained a preliminary study on a new bigger sailplan (thank to Guillermo Beltri) that was presented at the 1997 winter meeting. No action was taken but it was important to make people think about it above all between the youngers. In 2000 ASV Germany did some tests on a bigger spinnaker. At the 2001 world championship in Follonica a prototype was shown with a full batten main, trapeze and a taller mast. Other contributes came from naval designers not related with our class (thank to the famous architect and sailor Jacques Fauroux) . All of these ideas were finally discussed at the TC and CIV meetings promoting a change in minds. In 2006 two prototypes have been made. One from Elite sailmaker (spain) and followed by Asvaurien España and the other from Faccenda shipyard (Italy) and followed by Asvaurien Italia. Those prototypes were presented and tested out of race during the world championship in
Vada 2006. Thereafter those prototypes have endured sea trials in Spain, Germany, Holland and Italy. Results, impressions and comments of a year-long trials were evaluated at the 2007 TC summer meeting in Laredo. In Laredo a preliminary sailplan was designed for the later approval at the CIV 2007 winter meeting. ISAF authorized the use of the new sailplan at the 2008 world champioship.
Without denigrating external professionals, it is worth to note that the passionate contribute of members of the national associations and sailmakers closer to the class has been proven the most effective. The CIV wishes to highlight the technical contributes of ASV ESP with Nacho Campos Jr, Nachjo Campos Sr and Pablo Cabello, ASV GER with P. Lakshmanan, ASV NED with J.Vissia, ASV ITA with F. Zampacavallo and last but not least, the president of the technical committee Ugo Zappi who has been the constant supporter of an upgraded sailplan since the early ‘70s.
We’d like also to thank all of the members of every nation for their contributions in the form of many suggestions and recommendations gathered directly on the water.
Also, the CIV reminds and thanks for their attendance Velas Elite and Cantiere Faccenda for the construction and adjustement of the prototypes.
With this acknoledgement, the CIV intend to let know how the action of all members, even if not mentioned here, that in a more than 10 year long period of time from the first idea to the final plan, have contributed in the form of time, ideas, suggestions, recommendations, studies, tests, work to draw the current sailplan that definitely keeps up to date our Vaurien Class.