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05 August 2011

Vaurien WC 2011 successful at Lake Dümmer

And that’s the final take….

Miroslav and Marosch Barran; WC

Olmo Cerri und Edoardo Meini; Youth-WC

Another great day for sailing that brought us 3 bft westerly winds and constant sunshine comes to an end. After the jury resolved all the protests we had a final result.

Miroslav and Marosch Barran from Slovakia are 2011 Vaurien World Champions. Vice champions are Jaime und Alfonso Leiros from Spain.

Junior World Champions 2011 and at the same time 3rd in the overall ranking are last year’s champions Olmo Cerri and Edoardo Meini from Italy.

On the second place of the Junior rankings is the Italian team Ettore Botticini / Matilde Viello (8th in the total ranking). Third Junior team is Jelle Fokkema / Hymke Veldhuis from the Netherlands (overall 14th).

The best all-ladies team Lucia Llopiz Dominguez and Laura Llopiz Castedo came in on 20th place. Best lady crew member was Silvia Benini who together with her helmsman Vincenzo Sorrentino reached 6th rank.

The masters title (Total age >65, Helm > 40 , Crew > 19)was won by Francesco Zampacavallio / Frabrizio Favro on place 11.

The Vaurien Nations cup was won by Slovakia. The Vaurien European Cup was won by the Spanish crew Ignacio and Maria Campos.

As a special youth incentive prize the Sailmaker Cornels Latsch donated a complete set of Vaurien sails. The recipients are Florian Hyzette und Florent Pastoret from Belgium.

The crew member Giulio Spinnato of the 32nd ranking team received the Middel-Prize a sports watch donated by Watchmaker Dufner from Hüde.

During the awards ceremony each sailor was called forward and received a memory award.

We would like to say “thank you” again for all the sponsors and supporters of this event, especially the Segler Club Dümmer and the Lotto-Sports Foundation of Lower Saxony for making the 2011 Vaurien World Championships possible. At the same time we wish to the hosts of next year’s championships much success and luck with the weather. The French Club in Douarnenez will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Vaurien. Bonne Chance!

@ and here are the results:

icon Final Results WC Vaurien 2011 at Lake Dümmer

icon Junior Results WC Vaurien 2011

icon WC Vaurien 2011 Ladies Results

icon WC Vaurien 2011 Masters Results

Best wishes to all from the SCL-Team. We wish you a safe trip home and thank you for staying with us here at Lake Dümmer!

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