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26 September 2012

CIV winter meeting 2012

Dear firends,

after consulting with Florence Herbulot, I inform all of you that the 2012 winter
meeting will be held on 8th and 9th december, at Madame Herbulot as usual. An
official call will follow.

You are all invited to submit, as soon as possible, your proposals for the
Technical Committee Agenda and for the CIV General Assembly Agenda. Above all,
you are all warmly invited to come personally to Paris, please do all your best
to come because the next one will be a crucial meeting for the Vaurien future:
you already knew that a lot of officers were to be renewed this year, but the
sudden loss of Gianpiero let us without his precious advices, his experience and
his projects, so it is very important to raise the widest participation to the
next meeting and to the next elections in order to share this delicate transition
all together.

Hoping to see you all in Paris.

Maurizio Raffaelli